Listos CA Toolkit & Trailer Grantees Announced

California Fire Safe Council Grant AWARDS Announcement

California Fire Safe Council is proud to announce the Outreach Toolkit and Trailer grant recipients. These custom toolkits and trailers were made possible with a generous grant from Listos CA. The toolkits and trailers will be utilized in communities and organized by neighbors to increase wildfire preparedness, prevention, and mitigation.

Through a partnership with Advanced Logistics, and California Conservation Corps, each trailer is custom built inside with racks, tools, safety equipment, and more. These tools and trailers will provide important community support in wildfire mitigation and prevention.

Toolkits are an important and easy way to engage communities and non-profits. CFSC, through a Listos CA grant, will provide toolkits to local Fire Safe Councils and non-profits to aid in wildfire mitigation and prevention. Empowering citizens and communities with tools to plan for and create wildfire evacuation plans, defensible space, and home hardening plans is critical to the mission of CFSC.

The selected projects help California communities respond to the growing concern over catastrophic wildfire and exemplify efforts to create fire adapted communities. Through sub-grants from CFSC, these projects support the implementation of fuel reduction programs such as community chipper programs, fuel breaks, and roadside and defensible space projects. These programs also utilize educational tools to spread the Live Fire Safe message as well as inspire and engage communities.

Congratulations to the Fire Safe Councils, resource conservation districts, fire protection agencies, and other non-profits who were selected for these awards.

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Outreach Toolkit Program Awardees & Project Title

Bell Canyon Fire Safe Council IncorporatedListos Wildfire Safety & Emergency Preparedness

Bishop Rural Fire Protection District Wilkerson FireSafe Council – Community Outreach Program

Central Ventura County Fire Safe CouncilOutreach Toolkit: Increase Education

Coastal Canyon Fire Safe Council Listos – Outreach Toolkits/Spring Cleanup

Colusa County Resource Conservation DistrictColusa County Community Fire Safety Education

COPE Northern Sonoma CountyCOPE Northern Sonoma County

El Dorado County Fire Safe CouncilCommunity Wildfire Education & Engagement

Fiddletown Community CenterFire Safe Fiddletown

Fire Safe Council East Orange County – Canyons FSCEOCC Outreach

Fire Safe Council of Nevada County Inc.FSCNC 20 Listos-Outreach

FIRESafe MARINListos Outreach Toolkit

Gold Ridge Resource Conservation DistrictFire Safe Camp Meeker Outreach Toolkit

Grove Street Fire Safe Council, Inc.Outreach Toolkit

Independence Fire Safe CouncilListos! CA Outreach Toolkit

Lake County FSC/ Resource Conservation DistrictOutreach Project

Lassen Fire Safe Council, Inc.Listos Outreach Education Program

Lockwood Fire Protection DistrictWildfire Awareness Outreach Infrastructure

Malibu Lakeside Community Association20 Listos-Outreach Toolkits

Modoc Fire Safe Council – Modoc Fire Prevention & Education Program

Mountain Radio, Inc.Disaster Preparedness Talk Radio

Mountain Rim Fire Safe CouncilLISTOS Prevention & Preparedness Outreach

North Tahoe Fire Protection DistrictNorth Tahoe Fire Emergency Preparedness Grant

Nuestra ComunidadListos-Resilient Community Project

Oakland Firesafe CouncilOFSC OCP&R

Ojai Valley Fire Safe CouncilOjai Valley Fire Safe Council 2020 Listos! Outreach Project

Olivenhain Fire Safe CouncilOFSC Outreach & Education

Placer County Resource Conservation DistrictListos Outreach Program

Mt. Pinos Communities Chapter of Kern FSCListos Outreach Toolkit

Poway Neighborhood Emergency CorpsPNEC & FSC Listos Program

Safer West CountySafer West County Outreach Program

San Francisco Peninsula Fire Safe CouncilSave the San Francisco Peninsula Watershed

Santa Clara County FireSafe Council – Diversifying outreach with Listos materials

Santa Cruz Fire DepartmentReady Safe Santa Cruz

Shingletown Council IncorporatedFire Safe Outreach & Defensible Space

South Lake Fire Safe CouncilFire Safety Newsletter

Three Rivers Fire Safe CouncilThree Rivers Fire Safe Council Listos Project

Upper Mark West Firesafe Council20 Listos-Outreach Toolkits

Urban Corps of San Diego CountyUrban Corps Defensible Space Outreach project

Ventura County RCDLiving With Fire: Building Resilience in Ventura County

Wynola Estates Fire Safe CouncilWEFSC Listos Grant Project

Yosemite/Sequoia Resource Conservation and Development CouncilSo. Sierra Firewise Outreach

Yuba Watershed Protection and Fire Safe CouncilOutreach

Listos Trailer
Listos Trailer

Trailer Toolkit Program Awardees & Project Title

City of Santa CruzCity of Santa Cruz Open Spaces

Fire Safe Council of Nevada Co. Inc. – Listos Trailer & Toolkit Program

Fire Safe Sonoma Inc.Fire Safe Sonoma Listos Tool Cache

Glendale FD Fire Prevention BureauGlendale Comm. Chipper Program

Mendocino County Fire Safe CouncilMCFSC Project Trailer

Mid-Klamath Watershed CouncilListos Klamath Mountains

Mountain Communities Fire Safe CouncilOutreach & Fuels Reduction Enhancement

Mountain Rim Fire Safe CouncilCommunity Defensible Space Team

Ojai Valley Fire Safe CouncilListos Trailer & Tools Grant

Plumas Fire Safe CouncilPlumas Fire Safe Tool Trailer & Outreach

Sierra Resource Conservation DistrictEastern Fresno County Post-Disaster “On the Road

to Recovery and Prevention” Campaign

Three Rivers Fire Safe CouncilDefensible Space Fire Brigade

Outreach Toolkit & Trailer Program Disbursement

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