Community Wildfire Practitioners

Community wildfire practitioners are the “spark plugs” in a community who are working with their neighbors, fire departments, agency partners, and others to prepare their community for the eventuality of wildfire. Many are organized as Fire Safe Councils, others may be Resource Conservation Districts, Firewise communities, home owners’ associations, watershed councils, or other community organizations.

This page contains some of the resources we have available to support you in building Fire Adapted Communities. Please check back often, as we will be expanding the ways in which we can support your very important community organizing efforts. Thank you for being a leader to help create fire-resilient communities throughout California! 

New Fire Adapted Communities Facilitation Guide

The Fire Adapted Communities Learning Network has recently published its much-awaited Fire Adapted Communities Graphic and Facilitators Guide. This graphic provides a visual explanation of the framework for Fire Adapted Communities (FAC) and the different components that make up the work of community wildfire practitioners. We recommend reviewing this guide in the context of your local work and to facilitate your strategic planning regarding your group’s area of focus.

Hardened Homes & Defensible Space Brochures Available

We have printed copies of our new Hardened Homes and Defensible Space brochures available for local Fire Safe Councils and other community wildfire practitioners to use in your community preparedness efforts.

If you would like one box or more, please come by our McClellan office during business hours if you are near Sacramento, or fill out the form below and we will ship them to you in the next couple of weeks via UPS (be sure to include a street address). One box contains 1,100 brochures of either the hardened homes or defensible space brochures. Shipments are made in complete cases only; cases cannot be broken into smaller quantities.

Note: You can add a label with your local organization’s contact information on the back panel, to facilitate building relationships with the residents in your communities. Print your labels and stick them over the photo on the back panel and use these brochures as your calling card!

Organizational & Program Resources for Community Wildfire Practitioners

The links below lead to documents that are useful for a number of internal organization functions. If you would like to suggest additional resources that could be added to this page, please contact the California Fire Safe Council at outreach@cafiresafecouncil.org.

Please stay tuned, more information and resources coming soon!

Grants Clearinghouse


Policies and Procedures

Home Evaluation

Fuel Reduction Assistance

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