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Early-Action Budget Creates Wildfire Resilient Communities

April 8, 2021 

Governor Gavin Newsom joined Cal Fire Chief, Thom Porter, and other dignitaries at Shaver Lake today to highlight the state’s early-action budget which focuses on creating wildfire resilient communities.

The CFSC works hard to be an advocate for the recognition that wildfire resiliency is built foremost upon a strong foundation of prevention and mitigation and backed by a well-trained and equipped team of firefighters when emergencies happen. With an investment of more than half a billion dollars into the wildfire resilient landscape, prevention, and mitigation projects at the hyper-local and community level is crucial to equipping our neighbors with the necessary tools.

“As Californians, we are experiencing unprecedented wildfires that are growing wildly more destructive in their wake, causing billions of dollars in damage and loss of life, as well as detrimental, long-term effects adversely impacting our health and quality of life.  We are supportive of the administration’s critical move to put more resources towards crucial wildfire prevention and mitigation efforts, helping to stop these wildfire disasters before they start.” Hedi Jalon, Executive Director of the California Fire Safe Council.

More details on the funding package can be found in SB 85 and AB 79.

Read the full press release here.

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