About Us

California Fire Safe Council’s mission is to “Eliminate Destructive Wildfire”.

California Fire Safe Council, a 501(c)(3) California non-profit corporation, first was formed as a committee of the California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection (CDF) (now called CAL FIRE) in 1993 and its intent  was to bring together governmental agencies and corporations to provide education to the residents of California on the dangers of wildfires and how they could be prevented.  From that beginning, it was soon found that the previous way of distributing federal dollars to areas prone to wildfire for prevention activities was too cumbersome for both the granting agencies and the applicants.  Along with that recognition, the Federal government passed the National Fire Plan and more money was to be made available to local communities and jurisdictions for this every increasing need.

As a result, with assistance from the California Fire Alliance (a networking group of federal and state agencies) the “committee’ California Fire Safe Council (CFSC) became the non-profit corporation with the above mission and received its non profit, tax exempt status in 2002.  The primary program was to be to develop and maintain an on line, one stop shop, grant clearinghouse where the four primary Federal agencies, the U.S. Forest Service (Department of Agriculture), Bureau of Land Management, National Park Service and Fish & Wildlife Services (Department of the Interior) could provide large master grants to CFSC to conduct, select , manage and monitor sub grants to local community groups such as fire safe councils and homeowner associations, local government, fire departments, and other entities focused on wildfire prevention activities such as defensible space, community fire planning, and education.  As well as providing technical assistance to the entities, especially the community groups and local fire safe councils on utilizing Federal grant funds.

Since that first grant cycle in 2004, California Fire Safe Council has provided approximately 842 grants totaling over $81,768,754 to organizations and agencies located throughout the entire state of California.

In addition to our primary program of the Grants Clearinghouse, CFSC also continues to provide technical assistance to local groups with similar missions assisting them in both education in wildfire issues and in organizational issues related to capacity building and sustainability.  Workshops and one day Conferences are offered throughout the state on those topics several times each year, and, CFSC provides daily information and  updates on topics relevant to its constituents through its enews blasts and website.

While doing that, CFSC has forged a strong network of partnerships with local, regional, state and national organizations and works continuously to build and maintain effective linkages with government officials in California and Washington D.C.