Fire Safe Councils

When it comes to wildfire, no single person alone can protect a community. Residents throughout California are joining forces to create local Fire Safe Councils to effectively reduce and prevent wildfire losses.

Fire Safe Councils are grassroots, community-led organizations that mobilize residents to protect their homes, communities and environments from wildfire. A local Fire Safe Council is often sparked by a catalyst – perhaps a recent fire or a group of neighbors eager to spread a fire safe message – then embraced by the community, which turns that initial interest into a committed group that finds ways to empower the residents to do their part to make the community safer.

Fire Safe Councils throughout California are working hard to educate homeowners about Fire Safe activities while working with local fire officials to design and implement projects that increase the wildfire survivability of their communities. Many Fire Safe Councils have successfully implemented such projects as hazardous fuel reduction projects, community wildfire protection planning, and homeowner training.

By mobilizing the community members who stand to lose the most, Fire Safe Councils create a powerful group initiative that can:

  • Minimize risks to life, homes and natural and manmade resources.
  • Increase the insurability of property by increasing community safety.
  • Forge strong partnerships with first responders.
  • Acquire resources that can assist fire prevention efforts.

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