Waste to Wisdom 2017 Workshop – Registration Open

2017 Waste to Wisdom Public Meeting & Workshop

Embassy Suites 100 Capital Mall, Sacramento, California
May 17, 8:30 am – 5:00 pm PST

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Waste to Wisdom (W2W) is an innovative biomass research project led by Humboldt State University and 15 regional partners, who are building on existing research on the conversion of forest residues into renewable energy and other valuable bio-based products.

Project goals include making better use of forest residues wasted from timber harvests and thinning by using new equipment, operations, and technologies that can turn that biomass into valuable bioenergy and bio-based products.

Join us at this FREE one day workshop to:

  • See innovative methods and tools used to convert forest residues into high quality biomass feedstock
  • Learn about optimization of production pathways including collection, comminution, product upgrading (moisture control, densification, and in-woods biomass conversion), and transportation to maximize net revenue.
  • Hear how W2W scaled-up the most promising prototype units for three biomass conversion technologies — biochar production system, torrefier, and briquetter — to sizes appropriate for commercialization.
  • Understand the evaluation of economic feasibility, social impacts, and ecological sustainability of implementing proposed conversion technologies.
  • Participate in topic-based breakout discussions.

For more information, please review the Meeting Agenda and visit the Waste to Wisdom homepage at: wastetowisdom.com
Register here ASAP as space is limited!