Scoping Letter and Notice of Intent to Revise the Inyo, Sierra, and Sequoia Forest Plans

As “early adopters” of the 2012 Planning Rule, the Inyo, Sequoia, and Sierra National Forests will revise their land and resource management plans (forest plans), as amended. The existing forest plans have been amended several times since their approval, including the 2004 Sierra Nevada Forest Plan Amendment. We are beginning the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) process and analysis to revise these plans. The attached scoping letter announces the start of the scoping period. The three early adopter forests are located primarily in the southern Sierra Nevada range in California, with some of the Inyo National Forest in the Great Basin and extending into Nevada. They encompass approximately 4.5 million acres and are administered by the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA), Forest Service (see the attached location map).


The attached Notice of Intent (26 pages) outlines the purpose and need, and proposed actions to revise these three forest plans. The attached Detailed Proposed Action document is 69 pages in length and provides additional detail.


We are seeking your comments on the proposed action to revise the forest plans for the Inyo, Sequoia, and Sierra National Forests. Please review the proposed action and send your comments to us so they may be considered in developing issues, developing alternatives, and analyzing those alternatives. We invite you to provide any substantive comments you might have regarding this proposed action. Substantive comments are those that are within the scope of the purpose and need for forest plan revision and the decision to be made, and are specific to the management direction proposed for the three early adopter forests. Please provide supporting reasons for us to consider.


The Forest Service will accept comments on the proposed action for forest plan revision for 30 days, following publication of the Notice of Intent (NOI) in the Federal Register. In addition, a notice will be published in the applicable newspapers of record (Inyo Register, Porterville Recorder, and Fresno Bee). However, the publication date of the NOI in the Federal Register is the official beginning of the scoping comment period.


It is the commenter’s responsibility to ensure timely receipt of comments. Comments can be made easily on the forest plan revision webpage: . Please indicate if your comments are specific to all forests or are only specific to the Inyo, Sequoia, or Sierra National Forest. Electronic, e-mailed, written, facsimile, and hand-delivered comments will be accepted as well. Comments submitted with an e-mail message must be in a format such as plain text (.txt), rich text format (.rtf), Microsoft Word (.doc or .docx), or Adobe Portable Document Format (.pdf), and can be sent to  with Subject: Forest Plan Revision. If using an electronic message, a scanned signature is one way to provide verification.


Written comments should be mailed to: Maria Ulloa, Forest Plan Revision, 1839 So. Newcomb Street, Porterville, CA 93257.


The forest plan revision team plans to hold the following public meetings during the scoping period:


6:00-8:00pm – Monday, September 15, Sierra National Forest, Holiday Inn, 5090 East Clinton Way, Fresno, CA

6:00-8:00pm – Tuesday, September 16, Sequoia National Forest, Supervisor’s Office, 1839 South Newcomb Street, Porterville, CA

6:00-8:00pm – Thursday, September 18, Inyo National Forest, Tri-County Fairgrounds, Sierra Street & Fair Drive, Bishop, CA