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Things to consider when seeking donations
Popular fundraising ideas

Questions to consider as you plan fundraising campaigns and consider grant opportunities:

Is your Fire Safe Council a 501(c)(3) organization?
If you answered “yes”, that’s GREAT!  Use the tax-deductible donation as a selling point when approaching potential donors/funders.  You should plan to provide a receipt or other form of documentation (including your Tax ID #) to your donors to verify your organization’s tax-exempt status.

If you answered “no”, you might consider researching the steps to becoming a 501(c)(3).  Some good resources for information include:

Check out the “Steps to Incorporation and Tax Exemption” page 24 of the handbook (page 30 of the PDF) for a handy to-do list that helps you understand the process.

This is Step 1 – Becoming a state-recognized organization

Lots of information on being a tax-exempt organization, including the application

Do you need a fiscal sponsor? 
If you are not a 501c3 or an organization that can receive donations, you might want to look for a fiscal sponsor.  According to Nolo (a company that strives to make the law accessible to everyone), a fiscal sponsor is a “nonprofit, tax-exempt, 501(c)(3) organization that acts as a guardian of grants and donations for a fledgling group or project that hasn’t yet applied for or received 501(c)(3) status” ( 

A new Fire Safe Council can really benefit from developing a relationship with a fiscal sponsor.  With a fiscal sponsor, your organization can elicit tax-deductible donations and/or apply for various grant programs, including the Grants Clearinghouse.

Here are some useful links for learning more about fiscal sponsorship:

  • Foundation Center offers answers to Frequently Asked Questions about Fiscal Sponsorship:


  • Tides Center has established the National Network of Fiscal Sponsors:


  • is a tool created by the San Francisco Study Center to help connect community projects with fiscal sponsors:


  • Non-Profit Law Blog:


  • Fusion Partnerships:



  • National Network of Fiscal Sponsors:


  • Adler & Colvin