Participate in our Fire Prevention Survey

As the recent wildfire events across California clearly demonstrate, our state is in the midst of yet another destructive fire season.  Everyone, not just those in fire-prone areas, should be concerned as wildfires impact air and water quality, disrupt recreational areas, and strain resources to combat the flames.  One thing individuals can do to in this situation is to assist in the project described below.

The Board of Directors of the California Fire Safe Council would like you to participate in an important survey about fire safe behaviors, climate change, and communication methods.  The survey is online and will take about 20 minutes to complete.  The sponsors of the survey are professors at California State University Long Beach who have been studying the topic for many years.  They will post their final results on the California Fire Safe Council website.  The Board of Directors believes the results will be of interest to homeowners, fire safe councils, local, state and federal agencies, and anyone concerned about the dangers of wildfire.

Please take the time to do this survey now!  It is easy to put off these appeals, but with the threat of wildfires rising, the sooner the data are collected and analyzed, the better.

The link below will take you to a document called “Informed Consent”.  Since this research project is sanctioned by California State University Long Beach, university policy dictates that you are aware of the study’s purpose and your rights as a participant.  When you have read it, you will be asked to type your name, add the date and then submit it.

The survey itself is anonymous and does not connect in any way to your name.

The survey will be open from Wednesday, September 18th to Friday, September 27th.


Please click on this link to go to the “Informed Consent” document.