On the Passing of David Bischel

The California Fire Safe Council Board and staff send heartfelt condolences and prayers to the family of Dave Bishel, a cherished member of the CFSC board who passed away April 25. He was a valuable member of our Board for over 15 years, and was a true believer in the mission and goals of CFSC. Dave was a great listener, compassionate leader and true asset to CFSC. He worked hard for CFSC successes. He never hesitated to use his influence with leaders in government, fire agencies, or trade associations to help solve any CFSC problem. 

Dave had a wonderful career as President and CEO of the California Forestry Association. His affable manner and leadership made the CFA a critical partner in any discussion of California’s forests.  Dave firmly believed that the economic, recreational and environmental aspects of forest stewardship could and should unite to ensure California’s vast natural resources included a vibrant, healthy forest. 

The Board and staff of CFSC will miss Dave very much.