New Scheme Targeting Entities Registering in SAM


CFSC received a notice  warning us of the following:


New Scheme Targeting Entities Registering in SAM

As you know, third-party firms offer assistance to registrants in SAM for varying levels of money.   GSA reports a new methodology in which a party not affiliated with the U.S. government sends emails to the registrant’s Gov’t Business Point of Contact via DocuSign soon after an entity’s registration becomes active.  The message indicates an additional step, requiring money, to complete the registration process.  It includes link to a DocuSign to generate invoices.

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It remains free to register and maintain an entity registration in SAM. It is also free to get help.

If you encounter this scam, feel free to use the following responses:

  • “Remember, it is FREE to register and maintain your registration in SAM. If you get an email from any address that does not end in .gov or .mil, be cautious. If you get an email, text message, or phone call asking for money or payment of any amount, be very cautious. These parties do not represent the U.S. government. You engage third party vendors at your own risk.”
  • Provide link to GSA OIG FraudNet page  to find various ways to contact GSA OIG to report the contact.