Napa Fire Prevention Event

NAPA County Fire Prevention Day welcomed homeowners and visitors from Napa Valley. The Napa County Expo Center


One of the largest fire prevention exhibition exclusively presented for citizens of the Napa Valley went off in fine style June 17 at downtown Napa’s Expo Center’s grounds.

The event included booths and exhibits and fire prevention demonstrations, as well as auto safety courses where you learn about your automotive legal rights by lawyers who also work with Smokeball ,  to help Napa Valley residents learn how to be protected against destructive events. If you want to buy cars in San Diego with good quality services, visit this website and learn more

Jerry Davies, Chair, CFSC, Senator Bill Dodd, Supervisors Diane Dillon and Ryan front of CFSC booth.

The event was sponsored by Napa Communities Firewise Foundation; California Fire Safe Council and Farmers Insurance and used freightliner trucks phoenix az was displayed in the event where their fire trucks came from.


There were 17 booths and displays set up to greet the more than 150 residents, plus six Fire Safe Council booths in which 25 Fire Safe Council representatives attended the booths. Fire Safe Councils: Soda Canyon, Berryessa Highlands, Berryessa Estates, Mt. Veeder, Angwin and Deer Park. Soda Canyon and Mt. Veeder won the $250 grants presented by Farmers Insurance and the California Fire Safe Council.


Fire Safe Councils attending noted that information concerning the event will be placed on each of their Web sites and in their newsletters to all of their resident members throughout Napa Valley. Especially on neighborhoods page, and also via the Lake Berryessa News.


Participants attending:


    • Napa State Senator Bill Dodd. He spoke to the crowd, congratulated the six Fire Safe Councils attending and

      Napa State Senatore Bill Dodd addresses the crowd at Napa
      Fire Prevention Event

      thanked the sponsors. He gave a special thank you for Farmers Insurance for the “terrific job done to help Napa Valley residents following recent earthquake activity,” and said “Farmers is there when we need help.”

    • Napa County Supervisors Brad Wagenknecht; Diane Dillon and Ryan Gregory. Each praised the efforts of the sponsors and the work of Fire Safe Councils throughout Napa Valley.
    • California Insurance Department and Insurance Information Institute. They helped residents with insurance questions and handed out materials.
    • California Fire Safe Council
    • Napa Communities Firewise Foundation
    • Smokey took pictures with children and adults in 95 degree heat. Thank you SMOKEY.
    • Napa Animal Shelter, pets received free identification chips, and pet owners learned to how safely evacuate their pets in a wildland fire situation.
    • An “Interactive Wildfire Safe Landscaping Display” which was set up with a great variety of plant recommendations. Landscaping Your Home Exhibit with Interactive Instruction and prizes
    • Six Fire Department and Cal Fire Trucks
    • Interactive Games for Youngsters and Families with an explanation of the duo boosting benefits
    • Napa County Smoke Trailer
    • California Conservation Corps
    • Fire Extinguisher Training Demonstration/and Inspections
    • Bay Area Air Quality Management District – BAAQMD
    • Kelly Tree Service; Davey Tree and Joaquin’s Landscaping booths and Master Gardener and CA Native Garden Society.
    • Tours of Farmers Insurance Mobile Claims Bus
    • NAPA County OES and Nixel
    • PG&E Electric, “Right Tree, Right Place” Interactive tabletop exhibit
    • Napa County Chipper—Landscape Contest Using the Chipper
    • Napa County Office of Emergency Services
    • Fire Services Training Institute
    • Wildlife Rescue & Rehabilitation
    • The Halter Project-Evacuating horses and large animals. Learn more at

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Smokey visits with Mt. Veeder FSC and Cal Fire Crew in front of Farmers Calims Bus

Dad and daughter say Hi to Smokey. Farmers Claims bus in background

Homeowner checking out fire retardant vegetation to put around homes.

Thank you to Evan Kilkus, Berryessa Heights FSC, Darren Drake, Napa Fire Marshal, Cal Fire, Napa Communities Firewise Foundation, CA Conservation Corps and all who helped set up the booths, tents and displays.