Grant Resources

Grants and Awards

 There are many sources of funding that can potentially support fire prevention activities if you give attention to the objectives of the funder and show them how your organization will help them succeed in their efforts.  Fire Prevention projects often include broader elements of environmental management and community cooperation.  When applying for funding you can emphasize the potential positive impacts on wildlife, air quality, water quality/erosion prevention, water use, invasive and native plant species, recreation, and of course the protection of homes, cultural resources, and community members.  Projects that include collaboration and provide opportunities to youth and community organizations are often the focus of funding opportunities.  Some funders, especially government agencies, may have multiple funding opportunities depending on the objectives of their various programs.

 Funding programs and links can change from year to year, so be sure to contact potential funding organizations directly for current opportunities and verify that you have reached the official site of an organization before submitting any information.   The list below is a sample of organizations and types of organizations that offer funding opportunities for fire prevention or environmentally focused projects.  The general categories below are government grant resources, private companies and foundations, and grants and awards that focus on youth and education.  This list should give you a place to start as you research current funding opportunities.

 Government Grant Resources

Many grant opportunities are available through federal government agencies.  These may be focused on specific management areas or offered to a broader range of applicants in the state or nationally through sites like the California Fire Safe Council Grants Clearinghouse or  You can also look for funding opportunities locally by getting to know the local agency representatives and making them aware of your organization’s activities and objectives.

 “”   This is the location of multiple funding announcements from the federal government.

Bureau of Land Management

California Fire Safe Council Grants Clearinghouse


Corporation for National and Community Service

Department of Labor

Environmental Protection Agency

Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA)

Federal Hwy Administration

National Endowment for the Humanities

U.S. Forest Service

U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service

USDA Rural Energy for America Grants

Secure Rural Schools and Community Self – Determination Act: Title II and III funds

The Nature Conservancy

 National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration

National Park Service

 Private Company or Foundation Grants

When private companies and foundations offer grants they are often focused on community participation and environmental stewardship.   There are many opportunities available, especially if you look at organizations and businesses that are active in your area.  The categories below are the types of organizations that often have funding opportunities that can support local fire prevention efforts.

 Companies producing “green” or high quality products

Conservation organizations

Outdoor gear and clothing companies

Large companies that employ members of the local community

Recreation organizations

 Grants and Awards that focus on Youth Action and Education

Working with local youth groups or schools can be an opportunity to provide outreach and also give youth a chance to participate in community service.  There are many grants and awards available for youth service work and environmental education.  If you are able to work with local fire management professionals and environmental educators, you may be able to develop a program that teaches about safety, fire behavior and ecology, or restoration.  If you have a student member of your organization, you may be able to point them toward scholarships and awards based on their community participation and service.  The following list is a sample of organizations that have offered funding for youth environmental programs or awards for youth.

 Department of Labor: YouthBuild Grant

Disney Friends for Change

Do Something Awards and Seed Grant

Earth Island Institute: Brower Youth Awards

Gloria Barron Prize for Young Heroes

Google Global Science Fair

Intel Community Grants

M.J. Murdock Charitable Trust

National Geographic Young Explorers Grants

President’s Environmental Youth Awards

Project Learning Tree: 26 GreenWorks! Grants

Scholastic’s Be Big Fund

Starbucks Shared Planet Youth Action Grant

State Farm Youth Advisory Board Grant Program

USDA Forest Service: Children’s Forests and More Kids in the Woods Challenge Cost Share

Volvo Adventure Awards