Grants Clearinghouse

Grants Clearinghouse Overview

The Grants Clearinghouse is a program of the California Fire Safe Council (CFSC). It is an online grant application process that makes it easier to find and apply for wildfire prevention grants to support community projects.

Originally, federal agency members of the California Fire Alliance and CFSC Board of Directors spearheaded the development of the CFSC Grants Clearinghouse to help achieve the goals of the National Fire Plan by facilitating an open, collaborative process for grant funding. The CFSC Grants Clearinghouse expanded the playing field to more organizations by making it easier to find and apply for grants. It increased the collaboration among agencies because shared information and facilitated planning across agency boundaries demonstrated California’s needs and accomplishments to Congress.

Following the sunset of the National Fire Plan in 2010, California Fire Safe Council has continued to receive federal funding to provide grants through our Grants Clearinghouse. The National Cohesive Wildland Fire Management Strategy (aka The Cohesive Strategy) replaced the National Fire Plan and current funding is aligned with the objectives of the Cohesive Strategy and California’s Forest and Rangelands: 2010 Strategy Report and 2010 Assessment Report which comprise the California Forest Action Plan.

CFSC continues to be prepared to receive funds from other federal agencies or other sources should those funds become available at any time.

In its ten years of grant making, CFSC has funded over 850 grants totaling over $81 million for projects to make communities across California safer from wildfire.

Each year, efforts are made to ensure competitive, equitable, and geographically diverse distribution of the available grant funds. The average grant award is around $95,000.

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