Grant Specialist Positions, California Fire Safe Council

April 17, 2017

Grant Specialist positions have become available at the McClellan and Ontario offices of the California Fire Safe Council.  If you are interested in a position, please review the duty statement below and apply as soon as possible.

Please send your resume and cover letter attention Bethany Perez,

Position Purpose:


The Grant Specialist provides technical assistance and program guidance to a diverse array of grant recipients; ensures compliance with grant requirements, policies and procedures; monitors grantee progress on accomplishing scope of work described in the grant application; and ensures grant funds are spent in accordance with grant regulations. The Grant Specialist is responsible for the grants within his/her assigned geographic region, and works as part of the grants management team to ensure effective and efficient administration of the Grants Clearinghouse.



  • Assists applicants with understanding and completing the grant application process
  • Reviews grant applications for compliance with program requirements
  • Assists in the development of grant training manuals and resource materials
  • Conducts grant workshops for grantees and applicants in coordination with Clearinghouse Administrator and the other Grant Specialists
  • Provides support to the grant review and selection process
  • Performs pre-award reviews and risk assessments of grantee organizations
  • Comprehend federal grant regulations and advise grantees and applicants on proper implementation
  • Evaluates grantee payment requests and submits to Business Manager for approval
  • Analyzes quarterly grantee reports checking for timely submittal, complete and accurate data, and supporting documentation which demonstrates project performance and proper expenditures
  • Conducts on-site and remote monitoring of project progress, fiscal records and grant documentation
  • Initiates grant closeout and checks that final reports and documentation are submitted and that unused grant funds are returned
  • Provides data and narratives on grants in reports to funders
  • Advises grantees on issues regarding performance, budgets and compliance and seeks proper resolution
  • Reports serious grant problems, including noncompliance and poor performance, to Clearinghouse Administrator
  • Provides education on Fire Safe Councils, Firewise Communities, and Fire Adapted Communities to grantees, applicants, agency partners, and other organizations
  • Attends training and conferences on federal grants management, wildfire prevention, and other germane subjects
  • Maintains complete files and activity logs for grants
  • Performs other duties as assigned to support CFSC



Qualifications and skills:

  • Experience in federal grants management
  • Strong and effective verbal and written communication skills
  • Strong computer skills and familiarity with Microsoft Office Suite, online programs, and intranet database systems
  • Strong work ethic with the ability to work independently and meet deadlines
  • Ability to develop and maintain positive working relationships with CFSC staff and board of directors, local Fire Safe Councils, grantees, funding agencies, and other organizations
  • Ability to maintain confidentiality regarding organizational and subgrantee information
  • Ability to comply with policies and procedures of CFSC and grant programs



  • Training and/or experience in effective mitigation measures to reduce the threat of wildfire
  • Experience with local Fire Safe Councils and/or other nonprofit organizations within California
  • Knowledge of and/or experience in planning efforts to include Community Wildfire Protection Plans (CWPP) or equivalent hazard mitigation plans
  • Understanding of the benefits of prevention and outreach efforts and their effectiveness in the educating the public at-large


Work Environment:

The Grant Specialist works the vast majority of his/her time in a shared office space performing work tasks in an online computer environment utilizing grant management software, database programs, and Microsoft Office Suite programs. Communication with supervisors, co-workers, grantees and applicants, funding agencies, and others is done primarily by email and telephone. Occasional travel for training, meetings, and site visits may be required.

Starting salary offered is $52,000 annually plus benefits.

Please send your resume and cover letter attention Bethany Perez,