Santa Clara County Fire Safe Council in the News

Wall Street Journal writes about California Fire Safe Council’s Grant Programs!

Read about how chipping programs help residents reduce the fuel load in their communities, thanks to funding by California Fire Safe Council! Click here for the article:

Board Chairman Pat Kidder talks to Wall Street Journal writer Jim Carlton about the Grants Clearinghouse program and the importance of federal funding for fire prevention activities. Santa Clara County Fire Safe Council is also featured in the article which posted May 8, 2013.

Mr. Carlton was on a tour in Santa Clara County with a local Cal Fire representative for a national story on California’s preparation for fire season. While touring Morgan Hill, he noticed a sign for Santa Clara County Fire Safe Council’s (SCCFSC) chipping program, which is funded by California Fire Safe Council through a grant from the Cooperative Fire Program of the U.S. Forest Service, Department of Agriculture, Pacific Southwest Region. This prompted Mr. Carlton to contact Allan Thompson of SCCFSC to learn more about this community program.

Like many Fire Safe Councils and grantee organizations across the state, Santa Clara County Fire Safe Council has provided chipping services to communities through grants from California Fire Safe Council. Chipping programs help reduce the amount of hazardous vegetation by offering residents a way to dispose of the debris removed from their property or to have the material reduced to wood chips to spread throughout the property. These programs, combined with community education and effective wildfire planning, help prepare communities for the next wildfire incident.

The Wall Street Journal article draws attention to the never-ending need to fuel reduction work in wildland urban interface areas throughout California. Thanks to Santa Clara County Fire Safe Council for all their hard work to assist communities in reducing the risk from wildfire.