California Specific Criteria & Instructions for 2017 WSFM WUI Grant Program

California Specific Criteria & Instructions for 2017 WSFM WUI Grant Program


15 Sept 2016      Applications are due to Unit and Contract Counties.  Fire Safe Councils (FSC), local fire agencies, and local government applications are due to CAL FIRE Unit or Contract County for review & prioritization.

22 Sept 2016      Units submit to Region.  CAL FIRE Unit and Contract County contacts will submit applications in electronic format to their Region Pre-Fire Coordinator.

27 Sept 2016      Regions submit applications to Sacramento Pre-Fire Coordinator.


The following are specific instructions for California WSFM WUI applicants. Please read these instructions carefully. If awarded a grant from this process, the funding will not be available until summer 2017 (tentative).  The grant term is 24 months.

When filling out the WSFM WUI application, you must follow 2017 Western Wildland Urban Interface Grant Program Criteria and Instructions to States.  The “Grant Scoring” section explains how grants are evaluated.  There are 47 possible points.  To be competitive against the other WSFM WUI applications, you will need to score at least 45 points.  Be clear and concise when completing the application boxes.

California’s selection processes for WSFM WUI Grants (follow these rules or get rejected):

  • CAL FIRE Unit Endorsement
  • Highest scores (45, 46, 47)
  • Secure funding match
  • Areas that have not received fund from this grant program
  • “Landscape-scale” projects
  • Biggest bang-for-the-buck projects (Lots of benefit for a max’d out $300k grant)

Each applicant is responsible for their CEQA and is expected to document matching funding, quarterly financial reports, semi-annual progress reports, a closing report, and any other WSFM WUI Grant paperwork.

Instruction aid for Box 3 & 9 on the application:

<Box 3> Ensure you have the correct amount of match; the applicant is accountable for the amount that is in the match share box total. If you include more than the required match, you are still responsible for the entire amount in the total box on your application.

In order for California FSC or CAL FIRE to administer these sub grants, they must charge an administrative fee. To make this calculation simple, it is based on each sub grant funded during this cycle. If California FSC administers the sub grants, they are paid through the master grant from the USFS, amounting to 15% of each sub grant total.  When calculating this amount, the applicants are to use the Indirect Cost line on the application for this purpose.  Do not include your indirect costs in this line of the budget (unless you have an approved indirect cost rate from a federal agency).  If you do and are funded, you will need to include a copy of that documentation and send to California FSC at the time you submit your revised application to them.

CAL FIRE may also request this document, if you are awarded a sub grant). CAL FIRE, if they administer and monitor these sub grants will charge 14% for that service. Who will administer and monitor the 2016 WUI sub grants will be determined after the application process, so you need to complete this section regardless of who will administer the sub grants. It is likely that California FSC will handle that process, so use 15%.

Add all of the other budget lines (except the indirect cost line – unless you have a federally approved indirect cost rate). Take that sub-total and then take 15% of that amount. That amount should be placed in the Indirect Cost budget line and those funds will be paid directly to California FSC or CAL FIRE by the USFS for their services.


If you are requesting $200,000.00 for your project, then you multiply $200,000 by 15%, which equals $30,000. That is the amount you should put in the Indirect Cost line of the budget and it will go to either CALFIRE or California FSC. The total amount you should request will then be $230,000 and that is the amount that should go in your total requested line of the budget. You will receive a sub grant for $200,000 if you are funded and the balance of $30,000 will be paid by the Forest Service to either CALFIRE or California FSC.

<Box 9> Demonstrate interagency collaboration, you need at least two participating organizations. Grant contributors from Box 3 should be listed in Box 9 stating what each partner will contribute.


Good luck,

Scott Witt, Battalion Chief

Planning & Risk Analysis (Statewide PFE Coordinator)



(408) 465-6172

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