California Fire Safe Council (CFSC) and Farmers Insurance ® Joined Central Ventura County Fire Safe Council and Other Fire and Emergency Agencies at the Ventura County Fair

CFSC joined the Central Ventura County Fire Safe Council, U.S. Forest Service, Farmers Insurance ®, AMR Ambulance, Ventura County Humane Society, Ventura Co Fire Prevention District, City of Ventura Police and Ready America at the Ventura County Fair Agricultural Building August three, four and five.


Thank you Jenise Wager-Hernandez, Central Ventura County Fire Safe Council Community Liaison for arranging “A Special Fire Safety Day at the Fair,” Saturday August 4. All participants shared messages of safety and conducted hands-on activities for the families and thousands of children who came through the Agricultural Building.”

L-R- Mike Williams, President, Fire Services Training Institute, Lisa Lohmann, Disaster Response Coordinator
Catastrophe Response Team – Logistics; Jerry Davies, Chair CFSC and Rick Roth, Farmers Catastrophe Response Team.

Discussions with County Fire and USFS representatives emphasized the fact that wildfire season is now a year-round threat and the advent of drier weather has resulted in 17 wildfires currently burning in the state.

Celine Mooney, Vta county Fire,Luis Espinosa, CVCFSC, Charlotte Crocker, CVCFSC, Heather Ellis, City of Ventura Fire, Jerry Davies, Robin Satnick, Ventura County Humane Society–front row, Jenise Wagar -Hernandez, CVCFSC, UFSS Staff members

CFSC offers sincere condolences to the families of the two firefighters and residents who have lost their lives in the fires. Our prayers go out to the brave firefighters and emergency agency members who are currently risking their lives battling these horrific fires.

L-R. Kimberly Carter, Farmers Agent, Smokey Bear, Lisa Lohmann, Farmers Disaster Response Team-logistics, Jerry Davies