The Clearinghouse Grant Program

Program Description

The Grants Clearinghouse is one-stop shop grant program that simplifies the process of finding and applying for grants to improve California’s community wildfire preparedness. Every year, the California Fire Safe Council accepts applications for wildfire prevention grants through the U.S. Forest Service, the Bureau of Land Management, the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service and the National Parks Service. Grant funding may be used for hazardous fuels reduction and maintenance projects on non-federal land; to develop community risk assessments and Community Wildfire Protection Plans (CWPP); and to provide education and outreach opportunities for landowners and residents in at-risk communities. The amount of funding available varies every year.

What is the Clearinghouse?

The Grants Clearinghouse is a program of the California Fire Safe Council (CFSC). It is an online grants application process that makes it easier to find and apply for wildfire prevention grants to support community projects.

Through grants to the California Fire Safe Council, some federal agency members of the California Fire Alliance spearheaded the development of the Grants Clearinghouse to help achieve the goals of the National Fire Plan by facilitating an open, collaborative process for grant funding. The Grants Clearinghouse expands the playing field to more organizations by making it easier to find and apply for grants. It increases collaboration among agencies by sharing information and facilitating planning across agency boundaries which will demonstrate to Congress, California’s needs and accomplishments.

CFSC’s Clearinghouse enhances existing relationships between communities and federal agencies, and helps create new relationships by expanding funding opportunities for eligible organizations and agencies alike.

Your organization submits an application to the CFSC Clearinghouse. Applications are reviewed by an independent Review Committee and, if selected for funding, will be paired with the most appropriate source of funds. Eligible unfunded applications are placed on a hold list. The California Fire Safe Council monitors the hold list should additional funding become available throughout the year. All applicants are encouraged to apply in order to help demonstrate greater need throughout the state.

How to get started

Setting up an account with the Grants Clearinghouse is easy! Simply click on the link to Register as a New User and choose a User Name and Password. You will be asked to enter information about your organization (sorry- we don’t give grants to individuals) and contact information. We highly recommend creating one account per organization as accounts cannot be combined.

Request for Applications (RFA)

After you setup your account, please download and read the Request for Applications here. This document will provide an overview of funding information, eligibility details, how to submit a grant application and evaluation criteria. Once you are ready to begin to write your grant application, check out the Grant Application Planning Tool.

Grant Application Planning Tools

Ready to take the next step and write your grant application? We offer several suggestions for getting started:

  1. Attend a Grant Writing Workshop. Locations and dates vary, please see the online registration form. New applicants are highly recommended to attend.
  2. Call your regional Grant Manager. Grants managers are available to discuss project details, review grant applications and provide valuable advice on competitive grant writing.
  3. Read our article on Successful Grant Writing
  4. Download the grant application planning tool. This resource allows the user to write a sample application and share it with members of your grant writing team. Once your ideas are fleshed out, you are ready to log in and write up the final version of your grant application.

Grant funding through this site is from California Fire Alliance member agencies.