California Conservation Corps (CCC) – now partners with California Fire Safe Council

“ California Conservation Corps (CCC) – now partners with California Fire Safe Council brings new opportunities for partnership with local fire safe councils.  Dana Brazelton will be special guest speaker at the CFSC Grant Training Workshops.”


California Conservation Corps (CCC)

The CCC can help with your California Fire Safe Council projects!


What is the CCC?

The California Conservation Corps is a state agency that puts together young people and

the environment, to the benefit of both. Corpsmembers are young men and women between the ages of 18 and 25 who work hard to improve California’s natural resources and assist with emergency response. CCC corpsmembers participate in education, training and leadership development after work. CCC also has special crews of veterans trained for fire response and fuel load reduction.

The CCC deploys crews of 12-15 young adults under the supervision of CCC staff. Corpsmembers are trained to perform a wide variety of fuel reduction and fire prevention projects within the SRA including:

•     Controlled burns

•     Chipping

•     Brushing

•     Shaded fuel breaks/fire lines

•     Vegetation Removal

•     Burned Area Recovery/Erosion Control

Last year, corpsmembers worked over

59,000 hours on fuel load reduction projects on State Responsibility Area (SRA) lands.

How can Fire Safe Councils and the CCC work together?

The CCC has money to pay for its crews on

approved fuel load reduction work on SRAs that can be leveraged. The CCC also has crews available to work on Local Responsibility Area (LRA) lands on a reimbursement basis.

CCC corpsmembers performing fuel load reduction.


How can CCC crew work be funded?

•      California Fire Safe Council Grant Funds

•      SRA Funds – State

•      Proposition 40 Funds – State


Corpsmembers have the experience and training your organization needs to make your California Fire Safe Council project a success!!

For more information, contact Dana Brazelton, Special Projects Manager, at (916) 341‐3208 or via email at

Or contact your local CCC Center or Satellite.

 Map of office locations